Our service of printers and facilities Hewlett-Packard was established in the half of the 2000, after the shut-down of the accredited service of firma Expert & Partner engineering (Service Partner) in Olomouc and its subsequent translocation to Brno.

As the accredited technicians we felt need and necessity not to lose the reputation and confidence of our customers, we had acquired. They would have to carry out their orders out of their region. It seemed to us that for our aged experience it would be bad not to continue with this work.

It was very difficult and complicated step during that time, but in the course of time it turned out that it was the right choice. Thousands of repaired orders and hundreds of satisfied customers in Olomouc region reflect it.

At the end of 2004 Mr. Klánich left office and I stopped providing services in the field of large-format printers

For the ever-declining turnover since 2015, I did not act on VAT and also had to completely cancel the sale of consumables (even due to EET).

After 17 years I was directed to the closure of this facility. I will try to continue my professional services from the company's headquarters as I continue to appreciate all of my customers ...

So, do you need quickly, with high-quality and for a good price your ink-printer, laser printer or multifunction Hewlett-Packard repair?

… We are here just for you afterwards.


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